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Fall Goal Update

Went back to Big Rock today for my second trip to the gym. This time I brought along a friend, Megan, who’s starting climbing too. I showed her a few of the easier routes before we starting taking turns on the wall. I managed to nail the brown route which had been eluding me last time (either a V0 or V1) and then started trying a few V1 routes. Feeling much less sore and a better grip today. I’m hoping to be able to make a V1 on Friday when I go back. I feel like that would be a decent accomplishment for 1.5 weeks of training.

I’m going to make a protein shake here before bed to help with the muscle growth/strength. I’ll share my favorite recipe that I like to drink right after a good workout:

  • 1 Banana
  • 1-2 servings of unflavored whey protein
  • About 12 ounces of whole milk
  • Chocolate syrup

Blend well for a protein shake that you’ll actually want to drink for it’s flavor. (who knew?)

Epic Adobe Fail

As a faithful follower of web standards and open-source software (and, you know, fan of software that actually works) I’ve never particularly liked Flash or much of anything Adobe related. For me, HTML 5 can’t mature quick enough. However, some web pages still use this accursed platform for video and such, making it hard to get around the plug-in.

Enter Flash 11.2.

I’ve been happily living in the world of Fedora 16 for awhile now (yeah, I need to upgrade) and was happily using Flash 11.1 without knowing (or caring) about 11.2. I had to work on a friend’s Ubuntu install today because she wasn’t able to play flash videos. Turns out she was on 11.2 and it was severely broken. No problem right? I just checked the repos and the Adobe site to find the latest version. Sweet, 11.4 is out and I can just install that. Wait, not available for Linux?!? Surely this is just a misunderstanding, right? Wrong:

This upsets me for several reasons. First, I find it repulsive for Adobe to just up and abandon a whole operating system like that. Two, why on earth would Google forge such an unholy alliance with this forsaken company/platform? What happened to “Don’t be evil“? Thirdly, why are websites still using this piece of leftover 1990’s trash? Help us web developers, you’re our only hope. Make the move to HTML 5 NOW! Fourthly, well, I guess I could go on forever on this.

I think I’m going to disable the Flash plug-in in Firefox finally and hope that developers catch on to HTML5 soon. I just can’t live with that kind of stupidity on my computer anymore. I tried, I really did, but this is the last straw. I just hope everyone else starts to realize this too. I’d like nothing more this evening to see the Adobe armada (or even just the Flash ship) blazing on the horizon as the rest of the internet puts on its big boy pants and grows out of the ’90s for a change.


Fall 2012 Goals

I made some goals for myself at the start of the year. I’ve come to realize some mistakes in how I set these:

  • Train for and climb Mt Whitney
  • Weigh in at 60-70 KG
  • Learn Morse Code
  • Get my Extra License (HAM radio)
  • Hack my sleep cycle
  • Reduce my junk
  • Simplify my life/schedule
  • Carry on a simple conversation in Japanese
  • Keep my room/house reasonably clean
  • Track my progress on this blog

For starters, I set too many goals. Secondly, many of these were very difficult to obtain. As a result, I wasn’t able to focus on many of them. A few simple, realistic goals should be much easier to work on. On a positive note, I did accomplish at least two of my goals. I am now a Ham Extra Class (AD0BG) and I did manage to get on a regular sleep cycle. My sleep pattern is slowly degrading again but I should be able to readjust it here in the next week or two. The Mt Whitney permits didn’t make it through, so that was a little out of my power. We went to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and a few other places instead. (Photos on their way.) Gaining weight while training is incredibly difficult for my body type apparently. I simply did not have the time to consume the needed calories. (too many things to work on at once) I have made some progress on cleaning stuff up, but much more needs to be done. Japanese kinda fell by the wayside as well.

In the interest of focusing my efforts I have started a simple, obtainable goal for this fall. I’ve been wanting to start rock climbing for some time now and decided to make it happen this fall. I want to climb five 5.8 routes (at least one outdoors) by the end of November. I’ve already started working towards this goal. I have a pair of climbing shoes and chalk bag already and I went to the local climbing gym (Big Rock) last nite for my first workout. I feel sore and incredibly awesome today and look forward to the rest of the fall. You can track my progress here or at Dynamic Earth‘s Achieving Autumn site.