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Fall Goal: Flu

The lack of updates the past two weeks has been due to some sort of zombie flu that had me incapacitated for a while. I managed to miss the rock trip and nearly two full weeks at the gym. This week though I was finally able to make it back to the gym and get re-acclimated. Thankfully I managed to not lose too much strength. I sent a few new routes and even on-sighted a new V0/V1 that showed up while I was gone.

Megan seems to be improving as well. She had the flu almost as long as I did and wasn’t able to go much either. We’re going to try and step it up to at least three trips to the gym each week to hopefully boost our progress. We’ve been recovering fairly fast compared to when we first started going and it shouldn’t be to bug of a deal to do three days a week.

That’s it for now, I’ll probably post another update at the end of week on the results of our next two trips.

Fall Goal: 5.6

Sent my first climbing  route Tuesday nite, a 5.6 at the gym. I realized that I’m apparently still afraid of heights some in the process. The first part of the route overhung some and by the time I got to the end of that section I had lost most of the strength in my arms and my legs were starting to get a little twitchy. I think that’s what probably freaked me out more than anything. After a bit of a rest on a bar I was able to finish the route. I have to give Brad at Big Rock some props here though. He was my belayer for the route and gave me some awesome moral support while I was up on the wall, he’s the best.

I also bouldered with Megan on Monday and had a good time. I’ve got a few new problems under my belt now. There were three V1-2 problems I got, along with that V3 that I was after last week.

Eating has become a big chore these days though. I have a hard time getting in enough calories to make up for what I burn in the gym. I lost about 2 Kg when I first started, but I’m almost back up to my normal 53-54 Kg range. Something tells me it’s only going to get harder to keep the weight on going forward though.

Fall Goal Update

Friday was an excellent day at the gym. I was there for about 3.5 hours, so my endurance and pacing seem to be improving. My climbing partner was out sick, so I was working bouldering problems solo. I sent seven new problems: 4 new V0s and 3 V1s. I also came very close to sending a V3 but just ran out of energy finally. One of the guys that works at the gym, Christian, came and bouldered with me a bit just before closing. He taught me a little bit about flagging, which helped me a lot on the V3.

I’ve been really surprised and impressed with the progress I’ve made in just a week and a half. I noticed a big improvement in strength and endurance last nite over where I had been just a little more than a week earlier. I’m going to start working a lot more on technique next week and hopefully start sending some V3 problems in the process. Also, I’ll be picking up my climbing harness next week so that I can start working on the big walls. Wish me luck!

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