Epic Adobe Fail

As a faithful follower of web standards and open-source software (and, you know, fan of software that actually works) I’ve never particularly liked Flash or much of anything Adobe related. For me, HTML 5 can’t mature quick enough. However, some web pages still use this accursed platform for video and such, making it hard to get around the plug-in.

Enter Flash 11.2.

I’ve been happily living in the world of Fedora 16 for awhile now (yeah, I need to upgrade) and was happily using Flash 11.1 without knowing (or caring) about 11.2. I had to work on a friend’s Ubuntu install today because she wasn’t able to play flash videos. Turns out she was on 11.2 and it was severely broken. No problem right? I just checked the repos and the Adobe site to find the latest version. Sweet, 11.4 is out and I can just install that. Wait, not available for Linux?!? Surely this is just a misunderstanding, right? Wrong: http://blogs.adobe.com/flashplayer/2012/02/adobe-and-google-partnering-for-flash-player-on-linux.html

This upsets me for several reasons. First, I find it repulsive for Adobe to just up and abandon a whole operating system like that. Two, why on earth would Google forge such an unholy alliance with this forsaken company/platform? What happened to “Don’t be evil“? Thirdly, why are websites still using this piece of leftover 1990’s trash? Help us web developers, you’re our only hope. Make the move to HTML 5 NOW! Fourthly, well, I guess I could go on forever on this.

I think I’m going to disable the Flash plug-in in Firefox finally and hope that developers catch on to HTML5 soon. I just can’t live with that kind of stupidity on my computer anymore. I tried, I really did, but this is the last straw. I just hope everyone else starts to realize this too. I’d like nothing more this evening to see the Adobe armada (or even just the Flash ship) blazing on the horizon as the rest of the internet puts on its big boy pants and grows out of the ’90s for a change.


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